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Birdhouses & Feeders Made from Ohio Amish Hardwoods

Saving the birds - One Birdhouse at a time!


Chirp, Tweet or Twitter. Birds Pay the Rent With Songs!

Birds don't ask for much.   Sunshine, fresh air and an occasional bug every now and then.  In return they give us daily distractions, never ending happiness and wondrous songs.   So why not fill your backyard with their heavenly melodies by providing them with the home they deserve?    Barn Again® birdhouses and bird feeders are guaranteed to deliver a  nest the first season you put it in your yard or your money back!!!


Made From Ohio Hardwoods From Amish Country

Forget Made in China!    Barn Again™ birdhouses and bird feeders are all proudly made in Ohio from 100% reclaimed barn wood and/or live edge lumber salvaged from Ohio specialty mills.   Nothing is EVER bought at warehouse depots or discount lumber yards.   Best of all, we use old-growth hardwoods like oak, walnut, chestnut, maple and black locust!  So please take a moment to zoom in on the pictures in our gallery. 


Quality Birdhouses Built to LAST!!!

Don't be fooled by the beautiful exteriors.   Barn Again(™) birdhouses and bird feeders are carefully crafted to keep all types of birds happy AND safe!   We use corrosion resistant GRK® trim screws, Behr® waterproof sealer to repel rain, and Gorilla® wood glue to seal walls and roof pieces tight.    The slab wood front's are THICK and STRONG so they can't be destroyed by raccoons or nasty birds.    The only thing you need to do is easily spin the bottom after each season to clear out the old nest!  Definitely not some overpriced, flimsy bird house sold by big-box home and garden stores, Barn Again products will last for years!

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